Harry Potter and the Long-Term Global Impact (and Miś Uszatek)

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Ale Miś Uszatek zawsze będzie bardziej edukacyjny…..

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first offering in J.K. Rowling’s billion dollar literary juggernaut, was published in Britain 20 years ago today and its impact has since been hotly debated. Did the Harry Potter series produce a generation of empathetic individuals? Did it increase literacy, infuse life into young adult book publishing, and help dyslexic children overcome their disability? Or was its impact overblown? Do Potterheads really just need to „read another book”?

Ten years ago, the  New York Times argued for „overblown.” While getting middle-grade readers to plow through a 700-page book was encouraging to educators, it wasn’t a magic pill for declining readership. However, the statistics cited by the Times were US-focused, making the argument a little myopic given the series’ international renown. U.K. and Australian statistics made the opposite case, with one Australian outlet quoting a government official crediting Rowling with making reading cool:…

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Tytuł będzie w piątek 16. czerwca…

Trafiłem przypadkiem na ciekawą stronę o książkach. Postanowiłem opublikować. Jeszcze nie mam pomysłu jak zatytuować ten post, ale do piątku damy radę z panem Qurortem (Pana Ambasadora się nie poradzę, bo nie mam czasu)   I nie ma co się śmiać 😉 @PrezesPan   Four Way Review is a nonprofit, independent, biannual literary journal from Four … Czytaj dalej Tytuł będzie w piątek 16. czerwca…